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The Membership of the Union, according to their legal status is an individual (for individuals ) and corporate (for legal entities ).

An Individual membership:

The Individual membership is open to every competent citizen with higher or secondary education, independently of his or her nationality.

The Individual members of the Union can be engineers, economists, technicians and any other transport specialists from Transport industry, Transport and road construction and design of the Research institutes, from schools and other transport related organizations and all other interested persons that accept the Statute of the Union .

The Individual members can integrate their activities with a scientific and technical companies of a production, trade or territorial principle in case of participation of at least five (5) members.

Depending on their interests, the individual members can participate in other scientific and technical alliances.

The Applicants for individual membership of the Union shall submitte a written request to the Central office of the Union - Sofia 1000, 108 Rakovski str., IV floor, room 410, 412 or to relevant scientific and technical section of the Union, depending on their interests.
The formal membership starts from the beginning of the month, for which is the first paid membership due.

A Corporate membership:

The Corporate members may be Bulgarian, foreign legal entities and those with participation of a Bulgarian and foreign entities .

The Candidates for corporate members shall make a written request to the Administrative Board of the Union, which confirm the adoption of the Statute and sign a document , which defines the amount of their membership due. The minimum size of the corporate membership fee is 50 (fifty) BG leva per year. Legitimacy of the membership starts from the date of the decision of the Board to adopt a corporate member and receiving the first paid membership due .

The Corporate member of the Union has the right to :

1. Be Involved with a voice in the General meetings of the Union;
2 . Send representatives to participate in the work of scientific and technical conferences, meetings, discussions, roundtables and other events organized by the Union;
3 . To receive from the Union appropriate assistance and support in solving of a technical and economical problems they face.
4 . To make use of facilities of the Federation of Scientific Unions with priority.