The Scientific and Technical Union of Transport
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The main activities to achieve the Scientific and Technical Union of Transport goals are:

1.Raising the professional knowledge and qualification of the Unions members;
2. Elaboration of analyses, forecasts, programs and legislative documents as well as organizing the round tables to discuss them;
3. Participation in elaboration process and discussing of a strategies and programs for transport development projects and legislative changes ;
4. Making a studies, elaboration, consulting and other similar activities to solve a particular tasks and innovation implementation in the transport sector, full of diversity;
5.Participation of the Unions member in solving the Scientific and Technical problems and tasks;
6. Creating the possibilities for professional contacts and discussing of topics of the day through organizing the meetings, seminars, round tables etc.;
7. Providing for the scientific-technical transport information, public presentation of a strategic European policy documents;
8. International cooperation;
9. Participation in the Transport connected projects;
10. Publishing of a periodical printed and other type of information materials;
11. Working with media to popularize the activities of the Union.