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Fundamental scientific and technical activities of the Union of Transport 2015.

1. Railway Forum 2015 on "Innovation in railway infrastructure." They discussed the priorities in the development of the railway. transport. Policies and realities, innovation in railway infrastructure maintenance and construction of railway track, catenary, management informatics.

2. Vehicles Forum 2015 entitled "Structure of the road haulage sector." Subject of discussion and proposals were EU policy for the development of road transport. Alternative solutions - energy, experimental samples.

3. Aviation Forum 2015 on "Current moments in European Union policy development at the international airports." The reports and discussions the participants focused on current problems in the EU for the development of international airports and increase air transport market in Bulgaria.

4. Sea Forum 2015 on "Policy of the European Union and the development of international ports and shipping." The forum was devoted to the strategy for the development of sea and river transport and infrastructural development of ports, the organization of transportation and information systems.

5. New times for EU funding for transport. The theme of the event was related to the Operational Programme "Transport" - the 2014-2020 priority projects, financing and investment in transport modes and activities.


Additional activities:

1. NPC - Professional holiday of transport workers
2. Youth Forum 2015 on "Transport in Development"